The Last Time Part 3

January 29, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

The Last Time Mitch Taylor Taylored SalesLast week we discussed The Last Time and Purpose for Kristi and Andrew.  For your Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances, how do you compress 20 plus years of life into 4 minutes?  That’s what Kristi’s Mom was feeling, that was her experience in that moment. How do you get to the heart of their purpose?  By questioning your client how they want to remember that moment, what they want to feel in it, practicing scripting, writing out, inflection, tone, phrasing…that’s how.  Don’t let someone’s last time with you be negative or just left to “It’s time for the Father/Daughter dance.” UGH……


Back to the family’s purpose for Kristi and Andrew.  Everyone knew what it was for. Everyone knew it could be their last time with Kristi’s Mom.  Their purpose shone through at rehearsal with everyone showing their support of her fight against cancer by wearing matching t-shirts and socks with a hashtag in honor of Kristi’s Mom’s fight against cancer.   How cool is that? Get to the heart of someone’s purpose to connect and make sure that their last time with each other of with you is a positive memory whatever it may be.


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