The Last Time Part 2

January 22, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

The Last Time Mitch Taylor Taylored SalesLast week we talked about what if it was your last time with a loved one.  We also discussed your purpose and how you are fulfilling it. Now, the garage that was used for Kristi and Andrew’s reception, that wasn’t its initial purpose.  Its initial purpose was to store his 18 wheeler and do oil changes on it. However, he repurposed his logging garage to serve his daughter and a new purpose of giving his baby girl a beautiful space for her wedding day.  His purpose as a father was greater than his purpose as a businessman. Why? He tapped into his heart. Tap into your heart and ensure you deliver for your clients. This may be their last time with a loved one, or (hopefully not) a significant other at the time of their friend’s function.  


When you get to the heart of your client’s purpose, you’re able to better convey what they want.  We also discussed how Kristi’s mom is no longer with us. Think about that for a moment. They bumped their wedding up to ensure that her Mom could be with her for her wedding day.  Tears of joy filled her eyes in that moment. THIS, my friends is what you are charged with at every wedding you perform for. We’ll wrap up this article next week with final thoughts on the Last Time and Purpose.

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