The Importance of Client Reviews

February 2, 2017 by Jason Rubio

Let’s be honest, everyone cares about business reputations. As a consumer, we may use Google to look up “places to eat near me.” If you’ve never been to some of the places, chances are, you’ll look at the Google review ratings and you may read a few of the reviews, depending on the number of stars the business has. People want to do business with businesses that have a favorable reputation. For me, if I’m going to try a new restaurant, I’m more likely to try a place that has 4 or more stars. If it has 3.5 or less, I may  read the reviews and if there are more than a few, recent, unhappy customers, I may not be willing to try them. If the unfavorable reviews aren’t recent, and they have plenty of new, favorable reviews, I’ll give them a try.

The point is, we rely on reviews as customers and so do your potential new clients! Many people consider online reviews, such as Yelp and Google, as their “word-of-mouth.” Regardless of who your clients are, your business reputation matters. If you’re appealing to the wedding and private event markets, be sure to have an online presence on the wedding websites, like The Knot and Wedding Wire. Your reviews, on those sites, really matter. Clients on wedding sites will definitely read every review you have, simply because they’ll try to decide among vendors, and if price isn’t listed, reputation is the next thing they’ll use to compare. According to these sites, roughly about 85% of clients use reviews to make a decision about booking their vendors. This is very important, so be sure to collect reviews!

Regarding reviews, it’s important to remember that you cannot make 100% of your clients, 100% happy, every time. It’s just not possible. You can look up the best restaurant in your town, and they’ll have great reviews, but they’ll also have an unhappy client, who leaves a bad review, too. Sometimes, you may get reviews for things beyond your control, or things that your clients may not understand. We had a client leave us a bad review for “playing too many same type of songs in a row” (which we explained is a DJ’s set). Be proactive with your clients and implement measures to make sure you know exactly what your clients want with your service. I’ll discuss some of these tools in the next article.

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