The Importance of Meeting

December 12, 2016 by Joe Bunn

I’ll be honest with you guys and gals, I love owning my own business. Of course it has its ups and downs and the money ebbs and flows, but it’s pretty awesome to wake up every day loving what you do! Plus, you get to make your own schedule. The thing I always hated about corporate America was the concept of the meeting. I have friends that work for these massive Fortune 500 companies, and literally all they do is meet. They have meetings about the upcoming meeting! It’s stupid to me, and a total waste of time. But you know what isn’t a waste of time? Getting your DJs together at least once a month for a regularly scheduled meeting. This was one of the first things that I learned from my friend Mike Walter years ago!

I don’t care if you have 20 DJs to 2, having a monthly meeting is important for a multitude of reasons. First, you actually get to see them, shake their hand and thank them for the hard work they’ve been doing. In this age of email and text and direct deposits, I rarely see my guys unless I bring them in for the monthly meeting. Secondly, it makes the job seem more legitimate and “real”. You better believer at their 9-5 jobs, they have weekly or maybe even daily meetings, why shouldn’t you be doing that as a DJ company owner? You should!

What are you going to talk about once you get them to come to this mandatory (yes, I said mandatory) monthly meeting? That’s pretty easy actually. I always type up and hand out the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. I heard once that you always start with something positive, so for me, that’s announcing the DJ of the month. I announce who that is, give them a $25 iTunes card, and read out loud their best WeddingWire review. The guys that didn’t win then of course go into busting chops, but that’s what brothers do! It’s a great opening to the meeting. Next, I talk about other new things that we are working on (website, videos, photo shoot, etc.) and then maybe discuss any issues we have had (leaving on lights at the office, leaving the refrigerator door cracked, etc.). Sometimes we will go over a new piece of equipment (up light, monogram projector, ceremony rig, etc.) and then finally open the floor to any discussion or questions.

To close out, I always give them the date, time and location of the next meeting and then several of the guys usually go out for a beer or burger after (I join when I can). If you’re not doing a monthly meeting, start the new year out right! We pick the first Monday of each month (unless it’s a holiday like Memorial Day or something) and we try and stick to it! Good luck! Hit me up at with any questions. I’m here to help!

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