The Good, The Bad and the Truly Ugly By: Tom Haibeck

December 25, 2012 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Dollar for dollar, there’s simply no better marketing vehicle available to most businesses today than their website.


That’s especially true for wedding professionals. Brides typically fall into the 20-35 age range, and the medium of choice for that age group is the Internet. According to The Knot, brides turn to online research an average of ten times per week to preview wedding fashions, find suppliers and plan their big day.

The major wedding websites, such as The Knot, David’s Bridal and Wedding Wire, are well aware of the marketing power of the Internet. That’s why they spend millions of dollars on the creation and maintenance of their websites. And they employ one key marketing strategy that’s absolutely essential to their success.

They design their websites and create messaging that matches their target audience.
In this case, the target audience is brides.

And if you spend some time leafing through major wedding magazines or clicking through those million dollar wedding websites, you will notice a certain congruence between the look and feel of those mediums.

The pages are “clean” and easy to read. They employ plenty of “white space”—which means there’s lot of open area on the page. The “tone” is fun, upbeat and romantic. And the overall look and feel is young, hip and professional— a reflection of the brides they’re trying to target.

Contrast that with the “look and feel” of the business cards, brochures and websites used by many mobile entertainers. Big, loud logos on a shiny black background. A mish-mash of colors and imagery. Cheezy clip art. And an underlying message that says “designed and produced on the cheap through Kinkos.”

Those tired, schlocky websites tend to turn brides off before they ever enter them. And that’s a shame, because many of the mobile entertainers behind those websites are highly talented professionals who simply lack the knowledge and resources required to address those design flaws.

Until now. Today, there are countless ways to build high quality, professional looking websites using simple, easy-to-build templates from the likes of Wix, GoDaddy and WordPress. And the total cost in building them can be less than $500.

In my seminar, we’ll take a look at wedding websites to offer helpful tips and insights on how to tweak and/or re-build for better results.
I’ll walk through the steps involved in re-branding your corporate image, from the creation of a new logo to the launch of a new website. Along the way, I’ll also showcase some of the “best of the best” wedding websites and highlight why they’re so effective. Of course we’ll also look at the “worst of the worst” wedding websites. (Let’s hope yours isn’t one of them!) Finally, I’ll discuss the simplest, most costeffective “build-it-yourself” web authoring tools currently available.

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