The Future of DJ’ing is here! Emulator Multi-Touch Interface Launches

September 30, 2010 by Mobile Beat

The Future of DJ’ing is here! Emulator Multi-Touch Interface Launches

September 30, 2010 – With the launch of the Emulator Multi-Touch DJ System today by Smithson Martin Inc., professional DJs now have the ability to mix music using large transparent touch screens.

The technology appears futuristic. The mixing controls displayed on crystal clear screens are visible from all angles, making the application both a functional tool and a central component of the entertainment.

“Imagine this futuristic transparent touch screen in a club scene – it would be an instant magnet for attention,” says Alan Smithson, co-founder and CEO of Smithson Martin Inc., the company that developed the Emulator system exclusively for the professional DJ scene. “It would enhance the DJ’s mystique and maximize the entertainment value of their craft.”

The technology was developed by Pablo Martin, an Argentinean-based professional DJ with a passion for technology and now the CTO of Smithson Martin Inc. He partnered with Alan Smithson, a professional DJ in Toronto, to create fully functional multi-touch Emulator packages with hardware partner PQ Labs and make them commercially available. Their company, Smithson Martin Inc., provides the first and only professional DJ application for multi-touch technology available in the world. And Smithson Martin is the exclusive global distributor of PQ Labs Multi-Touch screens for the DJ and Music Production market.

Early buzz was created among the DJ community in August when a demo user released an Emulator YouTube video. DJ’s from around the world were amazed and were asking questions on how they could get the technology for their own act. While that video showed only the pre-release software, it generated over 1.3 million views, making it obvious that the DJ community is ready for this technology.

While consumers can play with the DJ-style applications on their iPhones, the tiny screen and limits of single touch technology make it impossible for these applications to add any value for a professional DJ.

Emulator is multi-touch MIDI software that presents everything the DJ needs on one high-resolution transparent touch screen from PQ Labs; the only screen accurate enough for professional use that doesn’t generate false or ghost touches. The current version of Emulator interfaces with Traktor Pro internal mode, but future releases will include compatibility with Virtual DJ, Ableton, and Serato. Emulator currently runs on Windows 7, but Mac OS software is scheduled for release in 2011.

“This is the perfect technology for club and festival DJ’s where the music and entertainment go hand in hand,” says Smithson. “It really is about increasing the entertainment value out of what has always been a source of focus in a club scene – the dynamic environment created by the DJ.”

The applications for multi-touch technology are endless. While it is obviously an attractive tool within the nightclub scene, a simplified version of this technology could easily be created for corporate or retail advertising applications. It only takes a bit of imagination.

The Emulator Multi-Touch Professional DJ System is now available for purchase at It is available in three packages featuring different size transparent touch screens; 32”, 42” and 50” with custom sizes also available by request.

About Smithson Martin Inc. – Smithson Martin Inc. is a software development company focused exclusively on the needs of the professional DJ community. The company distributes its applications throughout North and South America, Europe and around the world.

For more information, contact:

Alan Smithson, CEO

Smithson Martin

Tel: (416) 669-0610

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