The Final Countdown

October 14, 2016 by Joe Bunn

I want to take a little blog time to write about what we call “advancing the show” at Bunn DJ Company. You might call it your “planning meeting” or something else at your company, but what I’m talking about is the last few days leading up to your wedding event. Our process goes a little something like this. Keep in mind, some of this is automated using DJ Event Planner (which you really should be using to book your DJ gigs, but that’s probably another blog post altogether)

On the Monday of the week of the wedding, the couple gets an automated email that basically asks them for a good time to set up unknowna call this week to review their online planners. Most of the time I get a response from them right away and we arrange that call. During that call, we both get on DJ Event Planner and pull up their planners. I tell them I’m logging on as them and making some changes (normally stuff like what to shorten a song to or a phonetic version of a difficult name). I tell them they don’t need to mess with their planners anymore and that after the call, I’ll print them and be ready for their big day! In addition to that automated email, my DJs get one as well reminding them to “advance their show” and that once they are advanced, they should email me and tell me. At that point, I switch a show in DJEP from “booked” to “advanced”. Once I look at the master calendar and see that everything is advanced (usually by Friday afternoon), I know I can be at ease and just worry about my personal show at that point. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we get couples that contact us a month or so before and want to come in and meet with their DJ (not me, unless I’m personally DJing the event) and go over everything and we love to do that as well! However, most of the time, with a 15-20 minute phone call, we are advanced and ready to rock! You gotta love those online planners and some easy automation!

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