The Element of Surprise

August 20, 2017 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

The “unknowns” at the events are terrifying. From a microphone suddenly failing, to the one drunk interrupting guest at an event, these unexpected situations can cause a nightmare for even the most seasoned professional DJ.

But the question is, what can you do as a DJ to better prepare for these unknown circumstances and what can you do to turn each circumstance into a powerful and positive situation or what I call a “tool?” In this next part of my series, I will discuss the three steps in taking a problem, any problem and turning it into a valuable tool that will enhance your event.

Before we get into the steps of this process, it is imperative that you understand a critical component of this discus- sion, NONE of the circumstances that surprise you are genuine surprises. That’s right, your microphone suddenly dropping out, the drunk guest who is messing up your introduction, and every challenge in between, is predictable. The key is your preparedness; not in stopping the problem, but in preparing yourself mentally for it. Situations will arise in which you are tested, but once you understand that these can happen, you can apply this simple process to turn the tide in your favor.


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