The day I ditched my event calendar. Best day ever!

July 3, 2016 by Aaron Demarest

cluttered-1295494_960_720[1]I’m a product of the 80s and 90s. Back then we used a pen for everything. From notes to schedule and writing stories to sending in payments. The power of the pen was instilled in us. But somewhere in the 90’s began the digital revolution and the internet flew into the technological landscape that grew to what we have today. While we used to make phone calls and hand out business cards, they have been replaced with emails and websites. Our marketing strategy has changed entirely and so is the way we do business. So what is this 90’s relic to do when it comes time to update to the 21st century?

Staying organized and on top of your schedule is crucial in this business. If you’re a family man like me, you know that having young ones paired with trying to tend to your business can be a challenge. Those stacks of contracts and hard drives can be knocked to the floor with one temper tantrum and your phone business greeting which you worked on to sound oh so professional has turned into, “NO! STOP! GET DOWN. I’m sorry, I have kids. How can I help you?” Not to mention, if you’re married, you have to not only make time for your business and your children, you have to make time for your significant other as well.

It’s a delicate balancing act with a lot of balls in the air. But this year in 2016, I had an epiphany. I am an army of one. Constantly battling uphill to stay afloat above a sea of paperwork, timelines, contracts, invoices, and financial statements. It was just too much to bare with my other responsibilites and my unhealthy lifestyle living on coffee and sleeping 4 hours per night was rearing it’s ugly head and catching up with me. I began to forget important things. (Never missed an event but had a few close calls). Realizing that burning the candle at both ends would eventually lead my 22 year business to it’s untimely demise, I had to make a change.

That’s when a good friend and mentor, Sean “Big Daddy” McKee came to the rescue when he had referred me to DJ Event Planner. If there was ever a guy who needs to keep his schedule solid, it’s him. With over 300 events per year, he still manages to nail every single one with ease, never sacrificing quality, and never misses a beat. This is largely contributed to the behind the scenes organization that takes place in the event software.

As time goes on, my business grows and so does the need for more efficiency. I learned rather quickly during my brief trial that DJEP was a great fit for my business. Largely due to the ability to seamlessly integrate automatic actions that normally would take time away from doing other things. It’s like having a virtual secretary for your business who keeps all of the scheduling, logistics, contracts, payments, and event planning taken care of. And that my friends, is fantastic.

From auto-respond emails confirming appointments to a very user friendly client interface that allows them to save information, make payments, and request music in a dedicated account portal, it’s an amazing piece of software. And because it’s web based, it can be accessed from anywhere. No longer do I need to make several copies of contracts for the filing cabinet, venue, client, and the road to take with me if I’m working far from home. It’s all right there, right at your fingertips.

In addition to the great organizational features and benefits, on the event planning side of DJEP, it allows you to print completed forms you’ll need for the day of your event and those can be auto sent to the venue, photographer, and anyone else that needs a copy with the click of a mouse.

I could go on and on about how terrific this product is but, don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Go to and start your trial. Your business, clients, and family will thank you.

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