The Biggest Lesson I Learned While Cruising

April 4, 2017 by Mitch Taylor

Mitch Taylor Taylored Sales The Biggest Lesson I Learned While CruisingIn 1995, I had a job opportunity to work for Carnival Cruise Lines on board ship.  It was a huge risk for a kid who grew up in a log cabin in a town of 450 people.  In a matter of two days, I got on my first plane, traversed my first airport, stayed in my first hotel by myself and boarded my first cruise ship by myself.  I had only worked in radio and had very little experience at that time performing in front of crowds.  However, my tenure at Carnival Cruise Lines helped shape the DJ I am today.  I share my biggest challenge with you now.   


My social host on board ship was a man named Troy Linton.  Troy saw me come on board with just a VCR, the MTV Party To Go CDs and clothes.  He saw me DJ in the disco on board and immediately issued a challenge that would completely change the trajectory of my career as a DJ.  It went something like this “Wait….you’re a DJ and you can’t mix?!”


This sounded like a challenge to me.  I immediately started learning.  I had heard of “BPMs” yet my tools were primitive.  I only had one side of a Denon 2000F that worked, 1 Technics 1200 that worked and a Carver tape deck.  My first mix was Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes The Hotstepper” into Montel Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”.  I taught myself and grew my skills.  I’d like to thank Troy Linton for challenging me to grow in my skill sets.  


Who do you owe a thank you to?  Who has challenged you to grow beyond your current (at the time) capabilities.  Post on Facebook with the hashtag #MBChallenge and I will draw one lucky winner to receive a copy of the new revised and expanded version of the book “Sales 4 Event Pros”.

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