The BIG Why…And Your Excuse For Not Doing It!

October 13, 2016 by Jeffrey Gitomer

Salespeople already know everything — the problem is — they just don’t do it. And sales is not about “knowing” — sales is all about “doing.”

I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday. He said he saw Jim Rohn’s seminar ten years ago, and still listens to all his recordings.174-12-13

As we talked, he was telling me that he just bought his wife a new car. They were arguing about how much they should spend. (His wife wanted a better car.) The cost of the car caused a big fight, but my friend reluctantly gave in and bought the more expensive car. But the begrudging, arguing and stomping around continued.

Now, I’m sure my friend listened to the Jim Rohn story of how to spend money and make it a winning situation. Remember when Jim’s friend threw money at his kids after an argument about wanting money to buy tickets and go to a concert…then Jim proactively went out and bought his daughters front row concert tickets—before they asked. Both dad’s spent the money; but the results were miles apart.

My friend had heard the spending money lesson three times, but failed to put it into practice in his own life—the one place where it counted most.

In your personal development, it’s not just important to listen and learn, it’s more important to DO—to take action on what you have listened to and learned.

In sales, “thought conversion” is critical. It is converting the lessons you hear, the things you observe, and the things you know and believe to be true, into positive action.

Thought conversion is also the single most difficult aspect of the entire selling process. Luckily (for you), the secret of thought conversion is integrated into every aspect of and element of this lesson.

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