The Benefit of Having an Assistant

July 29, 2016 by DigiGames

“Looking at the pros and cons of having an extra pair of hands to help you deliver your trivia night”

We are going to look today at one issue which I have been asked about a number of times and that is whether or not you should consider having an assistant. Here are a list of pros and cons and an idea of when they would be necessary…..

The Benefit of Having an Assistant – Is it really necessary?

Okay, lets remember you are running a business here. As we will discuss below there is the cost to consider my think of the assistant as staff. Don’t just use the person helping you to make you have an easier night. If you are running a small scale quiz with only 20 or so players and you are coping fine then you do not need to even consider this option. If you are kept busy all night then don’t consider it but if you are sooooo busy that it is affecting performance then this is when you need to think about hiring someone!

Let us now take a look at a few pro’s and con’s of hiring an assistant….

The Benefit of Having an Assistant – Pro – Helps Prevent Cheating

One thing I have used an assistant for in the past is to help me keep an eye on cheating. Especially in larger environments and especially in rooms where there are little secluded areas. Cheating can really ruin a quiz and make people not want to come back. If you can a handle on this it will help run a smooth night and an assistant can really help as if you are up front presenting, having someone walking around the bar will really help deter cheats.

The Benefit of Having an Assistant – Pro – Speeds up the marking process

If you are doing a system whereby you are marking all the papers then an assistant can really help. She/he can be out collecting all the papers, answering queries and dishing them back out to make sure you can focus on marking alone. If you trust them enough they can even mark the papers or help with ordering them so you give players ongoing updates.

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