The Acquired Taste Wedding Cocktail Hour

September 7, 2016 by Gregg Hollmann

fernet_brancaDJ Toad (aka “Douglas Scholten”) is a nationally-known mobile DJ based out of Cincinnati. A wedding DJ specialist and winner of TLC’s Four Weddings, DJ Toad offered to share select cuts from his massive cocktail hour crate, titling his set “The Acquired Taste Wedding Cocktail Hour.” As per Doug, the selections are “funky and soulful contemporary tracks infusing hip hop elements that still have a classic sound. Artists that were before their time – like Soul II Soul and the Urban Dance Squad. The ‘why didn’t I know about this til last year ELO track?’ How many of you blasted the Milli Vanilli remix cassette in your 78 Granada during high school? I did.”

For a signature cocktail, DJ Toad selected “Fernet Branca” – which as Toad, writes “ain’t for everybody.” Fernet is an Italian amaro – a bitter, aromatic spirit. Fernet Branca is a brand of Fernet from Italy that was invented in Milan in 1845. Fernet is made from a number of herbs and spices which vary according to the brand, but usually include myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe, and especially saffron, with a base of grape distilled spirits. Fernet’s smell has been described as like “black licorice-flavored Listerine.” Fernet Branca has enjoyed a recent growth in popularity in the United States particularly due to an increase in the interest in and mixing/serving of apothecary cocktails (Fernet is used as a digestif).

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DJ Toad’s Acquired Taste Cocktail Hour

“Never Forget You” – Noisettes
“Our Day Will Come: Amy Winehouse Tribute” – Amy Winehouse
“Samba Joga Bonito (Mas Que Nada)” – The Black Eyed Peas
“Hush” – Milli Vanilli
“Back to Life (Intro)” – Soul II Soul
“Doesn’t Mean Anything (Remix)” – Alicia Keys
“How Long Do I Have to Wait?” – Sharon Jones & Dap Kings
“Ooh Wee (Xtendz)” – Mark Ronson f/ Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife & Saigon
“Alright” – Jamiroquai
“Yeah Yeah” – Willy Moon
“Magic (Xtendz)” – Robin Thicke
“Bright Lights, Bigger City” – Cee Lo Green
“Back it Up (Official)” – Caro Emerald
“Johnny Got a Boom Boom” – Imelda May
“Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” – Sylk 130
“I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” – Hall & Oates
“Deeper Shade of Soul” – Urban Dance Squad
“Sandcastle Disco” – Solange
“Last Train to London” – Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O.)
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