The 5 most underrated sites for EDM music

August 31, 2019 by Mobile Beat

We all need a bit of music in our lives, be it to brighten up a gloomy day or help alleviate the pain of a long car journey. Put simply, music – and in this case, electronic dance music – is the perfect accompaniment to any day. Life would be extremely dull without it, right?

But not all of us are listening to our favourite artists via the same platforms and various services out there that provide the music we know and love. One more notable way some of us are accessing music is through the use of torrent sites as they allow us to find a whole host of songs, usually for free of charge, and at the touch of a button or two. Torrent sites are convenient, easily accessible and have a vast array of tunes to search for and, subsequently, download.

Some torrent sites might not be accessible inside or outside of the US, though, which is why more and more listeners are discovering that you can navigate to this website to learn about using a VPN, which will enable users to access the torrent site’s services and enjoy their favourite tunes from the past or the modern day.

With EDM music continually growing in popularity, alongside the usage of torrent sites, we thought we’d narrow down some of the most underrated torrent sites for EDM music so you can check them out and get downloading some dance music bangers.


A gem of a torrent site, Soundpark has a vast array of music on offer but especially old time classics from genres such as house and pop music, but also EDM. The search engine is speedy and incredibly comprehensive, meaning you’ll be able to have a good old search for a number of classic songs out there. An excellent torrent site for Mac in particular, Soundpark is also compatible with other devices too. A must-have for dance music lovers, it’s that simple.


>In 2017, 27% of all VPN subscribers had cited accessing download/torrent sites as their motivation which is another reason why sites like this one, Music-Torrent.Net, are becoming highly popular as word spreads. This latest addition to our list is no different, with Music-Torrent.Neta simplistic looking and easy-to-use torrent site, which makes browsing through their various categories a breeze. With a number of genres on there, including EDM, this is one for all of your music downloading needs especially.

A torrent site also capable of providing the latest movies, television shows, games, software, applications and books, Zooqle also delivers in terms of its music too. With downloads being of a good standard in terms of high-quality format, Zooqle is another excellent addition to this list. Known for also having a vast library of songs, Zooqle and its verified torrents are well worth a try.


Whether you’re keen to learn more on Serato, searching for a classic TV show or an obscure movie, LimeTorrents fits the bill. With all downloads available free of charge, LimeTorrents is a quality source for music downloading too. One plus point is that you don’t have to sign up for an account to access this particular site, making it a highly convenient tool you can dip in and out of with ease.


A website that provides high quality music from all genres, 1337x and its stylish interface is a perfect option to end with. Easy to use and excellent for browsing through a wide variety of music offerings, 1337x also hosts games, movies and TV shows meaning it can satisfy all of your download needs.

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