The 4 P’s (part 1 of 2)

July 6, 2017 by Terry Lewis

Each of my P’s that follows has the power to drive more enquiries to your wedding business. Today I’m giving you an overview of 1. and 2., next week we will look at 3. and 4.

1. Position

2. Package

3. Promote, and

4. Partner your wedding DJ business, correctly


Make it one of your career goals to go out there and own
your niche. 

Boldly become the number 1 go-to person in your arena. Don’t shy away from a desire to dominate your ground, make sure it’s you who wins. Step up to the challenge and claim your place as the leader in your industry. Someone has to be number 1 right?


What if my competitors think I’m rising above my station?
I know of some wedding professionals who do not want to shine a light on all their talents for fear of what others in their line of business think. To this I remind you, you have to think like a bride, and a bride is thinking she wants the best, not second or third best, The Best. And you have to be what she wants if you want her to book you.


Let me put it another way, have you ever heard a bride say she wants an average or ordinary wedding DJ? As long as you are truthful, never dumb down your talents and achievements for fear of what others might think; because if you don’t promote the greatest aspects of your attraction, who will? Certainly not the competitors you fear upsetting.

Your marketing outlets are where you must shine the brightest, so promote your truth to get booked.

Is your on and offline marketing talking directly to your avatar? Is it aligned in tandem with the reliable quality your ideal bride is seeking? Is your higher paying wedding experience congruently reflected through all your branding, or is there a disconnect between how you market and the brilliance you deliver?

In last month’s blog I taught you how to deal with ‘Website Rejection’, but if you know your offline marketing material is currently doing you a huge disservice and does not accurately reflect your brand and the high service level you provide, you need to initiate a re-branding. Because no bride plans her wedding thinking she wants an OK day – she want’s the best. So build your company up to the point of remarkable delivery then package it to brides appropriately.

Come back next week for an insight on Promoting and Partnering your wedding DJ business, correctly

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