The 1% Solution Misconception – By Randy Bartlett

July 10, 2018 by Randy Bartlett

In 2001, I produced a DJ Training DVD called The 1% Solution. Over the years, we’ve added more releases and more in-depth subjects and I’m proud to say that the phrase “1%” has become a part of the DJ lexicon. But I’m dismayed at how often it’s misunderstood.
The 1% Solution came about as a result of our in-house training methods for our staff DJs. While working on improving performances, I often made the point that I didn’t want to change anything our DJs did by 100%, but that I wanted to change 100 things by 1%—thus the name.

The misconception has arisen, however, that this concept is often seen as being “1% better.” The hard truth is that a 1% improvement in just about anything would likely be unnoticeable. Our goal has never been to have the results be 1% better. Our goal has been to create entirely different results by simply changing HOW we do things ever so slightly—maybe just 1%.

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