Terminating staff as a motivational tool

October 9, 2008 by Andy Ebon

all-hands-on-deck.jpgEmployees (full time and part time) often have quite a different view of the business climate, and their own self worth, from business owners or upper management.

One of the annoyances for small business owners, when times are challenging, is the feeling that you are marketing to generate work for your staff, but, at the end of the day. there isn’t much money left for you. Even worse, when you call in a DJ for an assignment, too often, their first response is ‘about the money’ rather than thanking you for the work.

Perhaps NOW is the time for an all-staff meeting with all your troops to bring them current on the economy and your business climate.

Everyone needs a reality check, and should hear what actions you are taking to keep your business percolating. Even more important, all staff and DJ/Emcee talent need to hear from you, clearly and directly, what is expected from each individual, as part of an overall team effort. Specifically, you need to communicate what actions, small and large, will contribute to ongoing prosperity for everyone.

REALITY CHECK: Some people don’t get it! Don’t confront them in a group meeting, but make a mental note of it, and speak with them, individually, to make your case.

HERE’S A RADICAL THOUGHT: If need be, fire someone! When the workload suggests cutting back, you may have to let someone go. It is, of course, not fun to let someone go, just because business is slow.

However, if a staff member is not pulling their weight, don’t think that other employees don’t notice. Overlooking or tolerating second rate effort by one or more brings morale down, throughout the entire company.

Am I suggesting firing someone may be a motivational tool. Yes, that’s precisely what I’m suggesting.

unemployment-app.jpgFirings, if deemed necessary, should be handled quietly, clearly and swiftly. Then, depending on the circumstance, you should communicate, to the rest of the team, why a termination occurred. It is better to have nine, highly motivated, busy employees, than ten people, with not-quite-enough-work-to-go-around.

Tough times require tough decisions. Is this a marketing issue? Absolutely! The people who work for you should appreciate how hard you work to make the cash register ring. Sometimes they don’t. Enlisting their total effort and attention in reliability, relationship marketing, and performance is what’s needed.

Prosperity covers up all kinds of waste and incompetence. Today, you need to be a lean and mean marketer and manager, surrounded by highly motivated, competent, positive, and appreciative employees. Anything less should be unacceptable.

All hands on deck!

Andy Ebon
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