Ten People I Want To Get Stuck in an Elevator with at MBLV21

March 5, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

Only a week left until the start of what is to be the biggest and best Mobile Beat conference ever: MBLV21. Fellow DJ’s from all over the continent are finalizing their travel plans and convention itineraries. Dutifully looking over the seminar and trade show floor schedules. Ready to collect as many nuggets as they can in four short days. Like Easter eggs in a video game, nuggets can be gathered in so many places in and out of the presentation rooms. Meal periods and coffee breaks are the perfect time to scoop up a few extra tips.

The trick is knowing with whom you would like to speak and finding the right time to ask them questions to help your business grow. Time is precious at the convention and everyone is trying to jam in as much as possible. The only chance you may have to ask someone a question is a quick elevator ride. A few years ago I shared a cab ride to the airport with Todd Mitchem. The fifteen minutes I had to ask him questions were priceless (of course I paid the cab fare). Here’s my list of ten people I’d like to be stuck in an elevator with (in no particular order) at MBLV21.

  1. Sonny Ganguly. Social media and tech guru. Want to know which phone to buy or the latest social trends? Sonny is one of those guys you can listen to for hours. A reservoir of information.
  2. Ted DiBiase. The Million Dollar Man is really a gentle giant. I’ve been blessed to meet him a few times and each time he was inspiring. If your nice enough, he might let you join him for breakfast.
  3. Mitch Taylor & Vicki Musni. The dynamic duo of sales and personality assessment. A double dose of understanding your client base, their needs and closing the sale.
  4. Mike Walter.  Want direct and hard, no BS advice? Mike is serious about helping DJ’s that are serious about helping themselves.
  5. Michael Anderson. Projection and tech guru. Can’t figure out how something works or need help trying to create a new special effect. This guy can definitely figure it out.
  6. Curtis Whipple. The hippest DJ I know. An expert on incorporating live music into your performance and just a great guy. He will help add a little “DJ Soul” to your show.
  7. Randy Bartlett. Enough said. Ten minutes alone with Randy will change the way you DJ forever.
  8. John Rozz. At one time or another you’ve asked yourself this question: “How long can I keep being a DJ?” John still has his band union card. He has more energy, passion and enthusiasm than most 20 year old kids I know.
  9. Jason Spencer. Your calendar is packed with gigs every month and you still have no money. Do you know why? Jason does.
  10. Keith Alan. This guy makes more money on a Tuesday than most people make all week. Want a full calendar every month? Buy Keith lunch, he’ll let you in on his secret to success.
  11.  Jason Jani. Sometimes if we are really quiet we can learn more from simply watching someone work than asking a ton of questions. Pay attention to how Jason mixes the music for the conference all week. It will speak volumes.

I hope this list inspires you to make an honest effort to maximize your experience at MBLV21. Everyone there has something to offer if you are open to it. Make a hit list this week of key areas in your business that need attention. Find the experts at the show and have specific questions for them. Offer to buy lunch or coffee. Attend networking breakfasts and dinners. Learn Learn Learn! See you there and please say hi. #mobilebeattips

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Mike Cordeiro is the owner of M.C. Entertainment. A small RI multi-op. Mike got his start in the entertainment field while stationed in Frankfurt Germany in 1990. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment & Event Management from Johnson & Wales University and has appeared on TLC’s Four Weddings, hosted an episode of Toddler’s & Tiaras, and does background acting for movies.

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