Ten Commandments of Selling Karaoke – Now Part of Karaoke 4.0!

December 26, 2013 by Mobile Beat

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Selling a weekly karaoke show to a venue is a far different sale then selling DJ service to a bride and groom. If you are already in the karaoke business you know that it’s not the same sale as 5 or 10 years ago. Times have changed, with more competition than ever before and the entire way marketing has been turned on its ear, we need a new way to approach and close…

So come join Robby Ellicson as he teaches us The TEN Commandments of Selling Karaoke. These Ten Commandments not only streamline the sales process they are designed to sell shows that are long term. Also they answer most of the standard objections before they are even asked.

Do the Ten Commandments work every time? No, of course not, but almost 29,000 ( yes thousand) people attended Robby’s shows in 2012 and his company’s projection for the total number of karaoke shows for 2014 is between 800 and 1000 shows – that’s 16-21 shows per week. The average show pays above the norm also. So if you’re just getting your feet wet in the karaoke world or you’d like to add one or two more shows a week, or if you’re going from a single rig to a multi op, come join us.

So who is Robby Ellicson and why haven’t I heard of him? Well, he’s from Milwaukee ( and that will probably answer why you haven’t heard of him) and his professional hosting name is Robby Pinstripes ( but again ,if you haven’t been to Milwaukee that might not help). He did his first karaoke gig in 1989 (on 8 tracks!) In 2000 he started The Vavoom Show! , in 2001 he bought an established company (1994) Spinn Doctors Entertainment and Events. He competes with about 50 other companies in his area and his company’s shows regularly hold 4-6 spots in local ‘top ten lists’ out of around 200 published shows a week in the Milwaukee area. He also owns Midwest Karaoke League – a competitive team based social league. Lastly, he is the voice behind Karaoke Gold Mine and all of its techniques and innovations in regular and alternative karaoke.

Passes to the Karaoke specific events are $30 in advance and $40 onsite. – More details at the Karaoke 4.0 homepage

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