Ten Apps You need to Be Using Right Now

October 17, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro

There is no disputing it. Apps are the new “gadgets”. No need to buy some new fangled machine or gizmo everyzapier-app month to solve a problem or make operations run smoother, there’s an App for that. Applications or “APPS” handle a wide variety of tasks from file sharing, social media updating to turning on the coffee pot at 630am every day. Hundreds of new Apps are created daily. It’s impossible to keep up. Here is a list of ten Apps that will make your business run smoother, increase productivity and help you create a better experience for your clients.zello

  1. Zello – a walkie talkie type App that let’s you set up groups and communicate instead of group texting.
  2. Dark Sky – worried about a rainy outdoor ceremony? This App gives up to the minute, where you are standing weather reports. Cool graphics!
  3. Venmo– digital wallet App that makes it easy to store accounts, make payments and transfers while keeping an easy record for accounting.
  4. Acorns– investment App that takes your spare change and drops it into an investment account.
  5. Let Go– increasingly popular mobile “EBAY” type App minus the bidding hassles and the crazies of Craigslist. Sell that old gear quick!
  6. Canva – I take a lot of pictures at my events for promo purposes. This App is like a mini photoshop – graphic design program without spending hundreds. 4 stars!
  7. Color Story – Need to edit your photos and make them just right? This App has tons of filters to make you look like a pro.enlight-app
  8. Enlight– Turn ordinary photos into painted masterpieces. Super cool App. My new favorite.
  9. Buffer– this App works like Hoot suite. It allows the user to share a post on multiple social media platforms easily. Easy to use and to integrate with your current social media accounts.
  10. Bit Moji – Millennials communicate very differently from Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers like myself. This App creates a digital “you” to communicate with millennial clients across social media.
  11. Bonus App – Zapier– running a multi op? Zapier helps integrate paperwork, documents and meetings from different sources into one place.

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