Telephone first impressions may be the last impression

August 20, 2008 by Andy Ebon

Reaching someone directly by telephone remains one of the most important and effective methods of communication in wedding marketing, or any marketing for that matter.

There are a myriad of phone system, voice mail, forwarding, and answering machine choices to make it easy for your customer, prospect or contact to be in touch with you.

My phone call, today, to a business contact went like this:

voice-mail.gifVoice on the phone: XYZ Bridal Magazine, may I help you?

Me: This is Andy Ebon, is Susie (name changed) available?

VOTP: Just a minute, may I put you on hold?

Me: Sure (What are my choices, I thought)

VOTP: Who were you looking for, again?

Me: Susie

VOTP: Let me put you through.

Me: Thanks

Ring, Ring, Ring…. “Hi, this is Susie, I’m not here to take your call…. etc.,”

Here’s my beef. I’m sure this was a live answering service, masquerading as a receptionist. When she put me on hold, it was to take another inbound call, probably for a different business.

All that is OK. I get it. What bothers me is that I was given the illusion that when she ‘put me through,’ I would reach Susie, not her voice mail.

This is a very annoying practice. If the system does not indicate to the answering service that the intended phone contact is either in or out, then they should say, “Let me put you through to her extension. If she has stepped away from her desk, you’ll be connected to her voice mail.”

Not perfect, but far less irritating.

Maybe you should have a few people shop your company’s answering techniques and services, voice mail, etc.,.

When people get annoyed at the degree of difficulty or the manner of contact, you may have missed their only call.

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