Technology takes a swipe at Mobile DJs

May 25, 2011 by Ric Hansen

Technology has twisted and shaped just about every industry in America.  Whole industries have been revamped, reconfigured and in some cases completely redesigned.   Think about the travel agency business in the age of do-it-yourself on-line booking.  How about graphic design and printing, or retail shopping: bookstores have been devastated, music stores virtually non-existent, even clothing stores have to rethink how they do business.

Did you think the DJ industry would come out without a scrape?  Not going to happen.  Actually, many things have changed our art for the better:   Easy access to music, mp3s and laptops, lighter weight, higher quality sound systems and lights and amazing mixing software.

MOBILE DJ is an all-in-one sound system for iPod, microphone, and other audio sources. You can perform for more than 12 hours on its internal, rechargeable battery or wall power. The full-range speaker and built-in 20W amplifier ensure clean, clear sound up to 150 feet away

But wait….what is this new gadget from Numark.  The “Mobile DJ” is a self contained amp/speaker with dual I-pod docks, cross-fader, external input jacks, Two microphone jacks compete with special effects  It rolls in on wheels with a tow handle and is ready to  make a party come to life.   It sells for less than what most gigs would pay in a night, under $500.

How will Numark’s “Mobile DJ” affect the mobile DJ business?  It’ll wreck havoc on the DJ who views his job as music provider.  It will have virtually no impact on DJs who are masters of the microphone.  If you know how to engage a crowd, project your personality and jump start a party,  your skill set will always have value and will always be in demand.  That is, and has always been the real distinguishing difference between a music based DJ playing the hits, and a true champion of the craft who has the ability to ignite the crowd with his hosting skills.

If you want to flourish in this amazing Mobile DJ business and shield yourself from the onslaught of music based technological advancement, spend the time and dedicate yourself to become a true artist on the microphone not just a skilled music mechanic.  It will pay handsomely as we move through the next decade.  Numark will never be able to create a “host”  or “master of ceremonies” or a fun personality driven party.

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