Take Time To Write A Thank You Card

October 23, 2015 by Tony Schwartz

tony-schwartz-thank-you-cardsFor as long as I can remember, I have been very routine based. As a kid, I would wake up at the same time each morning, and the first thing I would do is sit down over a bowl of cereal and read the sports section of the newspaper. Then I would shower, dress, and head off for school.

Years later, while my routine has changed – I sure as hell don’t wake up as early – it still remains a crucial part of my success as the owner of three small businesses that are firing on all cylinders at one time (you can learn more about my companies via this link). My routine items are scheduled out on my calendar each week – and once they’re scheduled, I don’t move them. At all. It’s all about discipline and priority.
So one of the routine items I schedule for every Wednesday morning are writing out my Thank You Cards. I’m a big believer in the power of saying “Thank You!”. In a social media crazed world where people are more concerned with reaching the next milestone number of “Likes”, “Followers”, “Fans”, and “Hearts”, my focus is on developing a stronger relationship with those followers I already have.

It’s all about levels of depth, y’all.

And while there are many ways to say thanks – I have a post on this coming soon – none of them come close to the handwritten Thank You Card.

Emails get deleted, social media posts get buried in the feed, but Thank You Cards live on forever on the refrigerator, a shelf, a wall, or stored in a keepsake box to be reviewed later. I’ve never thrown a Thank You Card away.

They say the sweetest sound in the world is the sound of hearing one’s own name. Well, I believe the next best thing is seeing one’s name in ink preceding a handwritten note of genuine, authentic gratitude and appreciation.

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