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May 8, 2013 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

CHAUVET® DJ has introduced the simple-to-use, lightweight battery-powered EZ™ Series to its collection of wireless uplighting. Including the EZrail™ RGBA and EZpar™ 64 RGBA, these lights eliminate the hassle of running cables speed up the set-up process and can be controlled wirelessly using an included IRC remote.MB 149_017

EZrail™ RGBA and EZpar™ 64 RGBA both emit stunning pastels and rich saturated colors, providing user with a full pallette for lighting any event. Perfect for area washes and uplighting, EZrail™ RGBA includes 160 RGBA LEDs and is controllable in up to four sections for enhanced effects. Fitted with 180 RGBA LEDs, EZpar™ 64 RGBA is a powerful, ultra-slim wash light designed to fit in places other fixtures cannot. It is available with a black or white casing to easily blend into any environment such as wedding venues, band setups and any other type of mobile application. Both fixtures are extremely mobile, the EZrail™ RGBA weighing 5.6 pounds and EZpar™ 64 RGBA 4 pounds, making transporting multiple units easy.

Each wash light includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs for up to 20 continuous hours. By eliminating the need to run messy cables, the EZ™ series allows for quick and easy setup and teardown, while providing a safe environment for event guests and staff without tripping hazards.

For convenient control, the EZ™ series units feature built-in, easy-to-read LED displays, to create precise colors and access automated programs without using the wireless remote or DMX controller. For a second form of non-DMX wireless control, IRC remotes are included for easy point-and -shoot operation. Pairing the EZ™ series with a DMX controller, users can access 4 or 8-channel DMX models to create customized looks. For wireless DMX communications, pair the EZ™ series with a Di-Fi™ receiver.


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