Taffer’s Teachings The Hiring Process Part 1

September 5, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Jon Taffer is the personality and producer behind Spike TV’s hit show Bar Rescue. I

love Jon’s brashness, knowledge of science behind the bar business (and

entertainment business too) and demeanor that he uses. All of this is easily laid out

for you (and applicable to our business in the entertainment industry). However,

after reading his book Raise The Bar while on a recent vacation to Anguilla, I’m

happy to share the nuggets I’ve gleaned and how I believe they apply to our

industry. We will be exploring different lessons learned from the book in upcoming

articles as well and how they apply to us in the entertainment industry. This week,

we examine Step 1 of Jon’s 4 Step Hiring Process.


  1. Identify Your Employee Adjectives: Think about memorable experiences

you have had with businesses. What stood out to you the most? Was it the

impeccable cleanliness (although that should be a given)? Taffer states in his

book that “what makes the employee memorable is her attitude and smile,

the way she takes the time to make sure a customer is happy.” Jon goes

further to suggest you should choose 8 adjectives that best define the

personality ideal for each job or role in your business. What might those be

for a DJ or Master Of Ceremonies? Here’s my list. a. Energetic b. Confident.

  1. No Fear d. Likable e. Prideful f. Detail-oriented g. Coordinated h. Hard

Worker. What might your list look like?


I’ll be back next week with the 2nd and 3rd of Jon’s 4 Step Hiring Process


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