Taffer’s Teachings Part 5

August 29, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

This is our final of the 5 Musts of Business from Jon Taffer and it’s called Safety. I learned LONG ago that safety is important as any aspect in our line of work. Oftentimes you are the only sober person in a room full of celebratory individuals in a mind-altered state. You HAVE to put guest safety at the TOP of your priority list. After chatting with my good friend Ben Stowe we decided as a company we didn’t want the liability of rigging, tents and the like. I’m not condemning anyone who does these things; someone has to, but PLEASE…take the necessary steps to provide these options the RIGHT way. Consult your insurance company and your business coach before diving headfirst. You may be diving into the shallow end and wind up hurt yourself, in more ways than one.

It’s funny…Jon talks in the book about these tenets being the 5 MUSTS…however he later explains that bars (and businesses) can still break all of the 5 MUSTS and be successful. He recants his days of running the wildly popular nightclub Pulsations in Philadelphia back in 1983. He explains that they broke every one of the 5 MUSTS yet still thrived as a business. How? They created emotional reactions along each step of the client transaction, causing people to travel from New York City three hours away to be a part of their scene. The key is to determine how you can create emotional connections and reactions in your business along each step of the client transaction. What can YOU do today to accomplish that goal?

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