Taffer’s Teachings Part 2

August 8, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Taffer’s Teachings Part 2.

#2 on Jon Taffer’s 5 Musts for Business is Cleanliness. While I wouldn’t say we are the BEST at this, we certainly project our image through what Jon calls “4 Walls Of Marketing”. Everything about your brand must be congruent with the image you portray. Are there opportunities for
improvement in our cleanliness? Yes. Right now I know there are areas of our office that need touching up with new paint. We also just brought in my business partner and Certified Personality Trainer Vickie Musni in to conduct a workshop with our staff. Upon arrival Vickie liked our décor and how it matched our branding but she pointed out that our bathroom doesn’t match the rest of the space…it feels like a separated area. She gave me two areas for improvement on that space from a female’s perspective and we will implement those here very soon. What are they?

1. Have an area in the bathroom for ladies to set down their purse. If there isn’t a convenient space (there’s that word again) then your space is less than likely to get a favorable review.

2. Have a cute trashcan vs. the plain small kitchen type. It will speak to a bride and give her another positive reaction point vs. a negative one. Small changes…BIG differences.  We’ll be back next week with the third of 5 Musts of any Business courtesy of Jon Taffer.


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