Taffer’s Teachings Part 1

August 1, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Taffer’s Teachings: The Five Musts Part 1

I’ve been an avid “Bar Rescue” fan for quite some time. I had the pleasure of
meeting the man behind the show when we both spoke at MBLV20 in Las Vegas a few years back. My
wife knows how much of a BIG fan I am of the show, so she bought me Jon’s book “Raise The Bar” for Christmas this past year. Upon arrival in Vegas, I was bummed that in my haste of packing for the trip I forgot the book at home so I wasn’t able to get a signed copy. The “yelling” he employs on the TV show isn’t just frustration or anger…there’s a method to his madness that becomes more evident upon reading
his book “Raise The Bar”.

I love Jon Taffer’s brashness, knowledge of science behind the bar business (and entertainment business too) and demeanor that he uses. All of this is easily laid out for you (and applicable to our business in the entertainment industry). However, after reading his book while on a recent vacation to Anguilla, I’m happy to share the nuggets I’ve gleaned from his book and how I believe they apply to our industry here. This article is a first in a series of articles covering aspects of business I picked
up on from this book and is NOT meant to have you skip reading Jon’s book. I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up, devour it and pull out knowledge that I may have missed that will apply to you and help you grow your own business.

Now…let’s raise the bar.  One of the first nuggets gleaned was revealed on Page 14 with Jon’s 5 MUSTS every business MUST have. Convenience, Cleanliness, Quality Service, Great Value, and
Safety.  This article will explore the first one – Convenience.

Convenience. This is something I am currently re-evaluating in my marketing.  How convenient are we as a company? How easy do we make it to do business with us? How fast are our response times to clients? We’ve implemented a system where clients receive different communications designed to HELP them no matter where they are in the sales cycle with our service.  We also use a service called ScheduleOnce, which gives visitors to our website an opportunity to book a meeting with us without ever calling our office first. Find ways to innovate and make it easy for potential clients to do business with you.  We’ll continue next week.  🙂

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