Taffer’s Hiring Process Part 4

September 26, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

This is the final step in Jon Taffer’s Hiring Process that we continue with this week.

Select Your Winners:  Now with the interview process complete, choose the best candidate.  Jon advises to ensure they meet at least six out of the eight adjectives, and they certainly need to meet at least your top two.  For example, if you’re looking to hire a Master of Ceremonies and they have a fear of public speaking then that’s just not going to work, regardless if they have every other qualification on your list.  The key is you MUST NOT compromise. This decision will have long-term implications both internally on your team and externally on your clients. This decision also can have a MAJOR impact on your wallet as well, and how FAT or THIN its future will be.

 In summary, it’s important to know in advance specifically what you are looking for in each position on your team and recognize the right traits that will allow the people you hire and inspire to flourish not only for themselves, but also for you and your business.  

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