Survey Finds Patent-Pending Availability Referral Network to be biggest asset in booking more events

January 5, 2010 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Early 2009 DJ Intelligence developed a patent-pending feature which allows multiple DJ Intelligence subscribers to “network” their accounts together to create a real time “availability referral network.” Nearly a year later, many companies agree that this powerful feature has become one of their greatest tools in finding new business in a struggling economy.

When a potential client checks the availability of a particular company for their event and that company is NOT available for their date, the patent-pending Availability Checker Referral Network automatically checks the availability of other “networked” DJ Intelligence subscribers and provides the potential client with a list of available companies. When the potential client clicks through to learn more about those companies, the referring company’s name automatically appears as the source, so they can take credit for the referral. This can generate literally hundreds of additional leads for a company, depending on how many other subscribers they are networked with…all at no cost and with no additional effort.

“Our thought was, if you are unavailable for a particular date, why not keep the booking within your circle of friends and colleagues rather than letting it get into the hands of your fiercest competitors?” said Scott Kartsounes, CEO of DJ Intelligence parent company Intelligence, Inc. “This feature is perfect for members of a local association or simply a group of friends who want to bounce extra business back and forth to one another. There are virtually no restrictions on how it can be used or how much business stands to be gained.”

The astounding result of this new feature was generous increases in the number of leads received through their websites, according to a year end survey of some DJ Intelligence subscribers. In fact, it is estimated that thousands of leads were exchanged among DJ Intelligence subscribers in 2009 through the Availability Checker Referral Network, confirming that consumers crave referrals and recommendations when seeking out professionals for their event.

DJ Intelligence subscribers can visit the Advanced Settings page of their control panel to add or remove other DJ Intelligence subscribers from their availability network. DJ Intelligence subscribers can also use the link provided in their control panel to invite their friends and colleagues to take a 2 month trial of DJ Intelligence, if they are not yet using the service. If you do not yet use DJ Intelligence on your website, activate your 2 month trial subscription today and network with your friends and colleagues to significantly boost your leads and bookings in 2010!

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