Summertime Tune-Up of Your School Marketing List By: Matt Ryan

June 12, 2012 by Matt Ryan

While summer is the quiet season for school events, don’t assume you will be able to jump in exactly where you left off with your school marketing when school is back in session. Hopefully a substantial amount of your school booking for next year is already done, but you should be continually marketing your services to allow for some attrition. While it is always cheaper to continue serving an existing client than acquire a new one, seeking new clients is not a bad thing. New clients typically book at higher rates, as your existing clients are likely to be grandfathered in under old, lower rates. Also, you may hope to consolidate your clients geographically if you currently serve schools that are farther than you’d like to travel. One of the most critical components of successful school dance marketing (really any marketing, for that matter) is getting your materials into the right hands. The summer months are when virtually all personnel changes at schools take place, so your contact last year may or may not be your contact in the coming year. Don’t waste your valuable marketing dollars by sending materials to the wrong people! Stay up to date with your schools over the summer by watching for changes. Specifically, here’s what to look for and where to find it:

  • Administration changes – New principals are easily spotted on school’s websites. New administrators may change the format of their school’s dances and may provide specific direction on dance entertainment. This can be an asset if a principal you’ve worked with in the past moves to a new school. Be sure to stay in touch.
  • Supplemental position changes – New advisors can be found in Board of Education meeting minutes, where personnel changes are approved. If you know which position organizes dances within the school (student council advisor, class advisor, etc.), you can quickly find your new contact. Some supplemental positions are re-approved every year meaning you can find a comprehensive list of all advisors each year.
  • New or closed buildings – If a school is closing in your area, attempt to follow your contacts from that building to their new assignment. There is a strong possibility they will have similar responsibilities at their new school. If a new school is opening, market your services to the building principal and offer to play a grand opening celebration at no cost. This is a great strategy for getting your foot in the door!

Schools gear up for the new year on August 1st – your materials should be in their hands shortly after! Enjoy some well-deserved time off this summer and recharge for another exciting year!

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