Summer Means Baseball…and ANOTHER Crazy Book & DVD Sale

June 12, 2013 by Mobile Beat

It’s time to raise your DJ game to a higher level, and these resources are on deck to help you score with all-star performances, better sales pitches, and a scorecard full of other hits to help you become a winning mobile entertainer.

Pick from the following big-league combinations:


1st Base – Mobile Beat Greatest Hits 2 for 1 – $20 for BOTH Volumes – Click Here to order

We made these archive DVDs several years ago and have sold hundreds of sets of them at $50.  Well we want to move out a ton more and as part of our CRAZY BOOK SALES we have been doing….we MAJOR LEAGUE dropped the price to $20 to get more of this in the DJs hands.  These are all digitized in as high res pdf files and are fully searchable, printable, and more all for less than a year of subscribing to the current issues of the magazine.

Mobile Beat Magazine was founded in 1991 and has been the industry trade magazine for mobile DJs with bi-monthly publications ever since.  This historic archive contains years of industry knowledge, history ideas and more from DJ industry experts from across the globe.  Enjoy this look back into the mobile DJ industry that is both nostalgic and timeless.

Tons of articles in every issue (remember you have 125 issues here) including Jay Maxwell’s Famous Music charts for different occasions, Dr. Shock Jock’s appearances, Top 200 charts, timeless business techniques, lighting primers and historical articles you will enjoy.  Plenty of reading material to pull into your ipads, iphones and androids to read while you are relaxing before a gig or during the week at home.


2nd Base – Double Book Deals – Each Combo $20:

The Master Wedding MC – A Guide for The Professional Wedding Entertainer by Ken Day and Peter Miller – Was $19.95 – Previously available only electronically this fantastic book was a major hit at the DJ Show in Las Vegas. If you do weddings, you need this book!

Hosting For DJs – by Josh Yawn – Was $14.95 – Josh Yawn has been a host to national television audiences, Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of happy couples. This book is a collection of the education found in each of those journeys, applied and tailored to the mobile disc jockey.

The Business Of Mobile DJing By Rob Peters – Was $24.95 – For over 18 years, Rob Peters has been entertaining at events of all styles and sizes throughout the Northeast, and operating several successful mobile DJ business ventures. In his book “The Business Of Mobile DJing”, Rob uncovers the secrets to running a successful mobile DJ business.

Guerrilla Marketing Companion For DJ’s by Jay Levinson and Andy Powell – Was $24.95 – Based on the 4th Edition of Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerilla Marketing Series, Andy Powell has collaborated with ProDJ Publishing (MobileBeat/ProDJ.Com) and Guerilla Marketing International and created a companion to the bestselling Guerilla Marketing book by Jay Conrad Levinson.

Icebreakers: A Fun Book For Anyone Who Leads Groups In Games and Activities by John Rozz – Was $14.95 – John Rozz is one of the northeast’s most respected and multi-talented entertainers. He is a one-of-a-kind, intensely energetic showman who specializes in interactive dances and entertaining. He motivates and brings people together, making them part of his show and the event, with hi-energy dancing, games, skits and contests. No one creates more energy, fun, smiles and happiness than John Rozz.

The Essential Disc Jockey by Fernando Curcione – Was $16.95 – New Book For The DJ Who Is Starting Out or One That Needs To Up His Game! Fernando Curcione will help you with his recipes for the perfect party and other DJ advice with great musical charts and background information in a ton of categories of music.

The Complete Disc Jockey: A Comprehensive Manual for the Professional Disc Jockey by Stu Chisholm – Was $19.95 – Have economic hard times pushed your income down and overhead up? Do you want to DO something about it? Stu’s book lays out the skills that all DJs have in common and then branches out into what each different job will entail.

A Different Spin – by Michael Buonaccorso – Was $24.95 – A musician knows the rich tradition of his roots….. Would you like to know more about yours? Now you can….Your history book is here!


3rd Base – Cupid and Casper Volume 1 and 2 – $30 for BOTH Volumes – Click Here to order

Newly produced two volume set of DVDs showing you how to dance common line dances from DJ “Cha Cha Slide” Casper and Cupid known for “The Cupid Shuffle.” – Learn the classics from the artists that brought them to you and learn some of their dances, some newer ones and some older tracks.  Learn yourself or buy for your clients so they are ready to dance when you throw the songs on. – More info at


Grand Slam Home Run – EVERYTHING Above for $119 Delivered to US Address! – Click Here to order

Extra $20 to Canada – Click Here to order


Bonus #1 – Only 15 Sets Available, $20: Wedding MC and Wedding Toasts Made Easy – Click Here to order

Wedding MC – was $19.95 – Special event planners know the importance of having a Master of Ceremonies. Someone needs to orchestrate the occasion and serve as a kind of host in welcoming guests, introducing speakers, and guiding people through the program. A wedding reception has the same requirements. It needs structure and leadership — which is exactly what a good Master of Ceremonies can provide.

Wedding Toasts Made Easy – was $12.95 – Often called “The Bible of Wedding Toasts” because of its wealth of time-trusted advice on how to research, write, practice and perfect an original, personalized wedding toast (with specific tips for the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride and others asked to toast the new couple).


Bonus #2 – Only 25 Sets Available, $15: Intro to Computer DJing, Spinnin 2000, Wedding Horror Stories, Increase Your Mobile DJ Biz by 30% – Click Here to order

Don’t let the season pass you by without checking out this impressive lineup!

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