Success? I’d Like to Phone a Friend Please By: Dana Steele

December 23, 2012 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

146-034Would you rather do business with a stranger? Or with someone you know or with someone recommended by someone you know?

You know the answer to these questions, don’t you? Of course, it is with someone you know or with someone recommended by someone you know.

I recently received this Facebook message: “I have the AV company up andrunning on the Island, already working with a couple of large companies on their events. If you Google ‘AV rentals in XXX’ or ‘DJ in XXX,’ my company is on the first page, second link below the sponsor ads. What’s wrong? Why isn’t my phone blowing up? Am I just being impatient?” First of all, it is great that this company ranks so high on Google. Many companies would love to have that position on the uber search engine. I also don’t have a problem with impatience; we all want to see our companies grow and grow fast.

With that said, the problem here is relying solely on the Internet for marketing and promotion. Search engine position is critical for many businesses, but your marketing efforts must go well beyond your SEO or search engine optimization. You must have a good networking plan, a networking plan that you work every single day. Here are just a few ideas to take the above-mentioned company, and yours, to a new higher level:

Do something for someone who can hire you: ffer your services at a discounted rate, or for free, to meeting planners for organizations, associations, event venues and hotels. Many of these planners are members of non-profit organizations, have kids in schools or throw personal parties. Do what it takes to get your foot in the door and show these people what you can do for their larger events. Doing things for others will always eventually come back to you in positive ways. And once you are established, keep doing this. It’s called karma baby!

Be social on social media: Talk about what you do, post pictures, thank meeting planners who have hired you and tag them in the post so their fellow meeting planners and followers will see the posts and start to check out you and your capabilities.Compliment their events, compliment other events you had nothing to do with. It’s all give and take; thus the word “social.” Your social media efforts have to go both ways—it’s not just me, me, me. Be a part of your community: Let friends and family know what you are doing and ask for referrals. All too often we forget to utilize the people who love us most and truly want to see us succeed. Volunteer to help out a school or church event. Does your street do National Night Out? Haul out your equipment and really make it a party. Show your stuff and be a great neighbor at the same time!

Let others know how to find you with minimal effort: Always carry professional cards with your name, company name, phone number and email. Make sure your contact information is also very easy to find on your website and any of your social media platforms. I usually follow up my speeches with a thank you note and a coffee mug with my website and logo on it. My contact information usually sits right there on their desk so I am top of mind forever. Or until someone takes the coffee mug— and then I’m on someone else’s desk.
Once they find you, do not make them wait: Answer any queries as fast as you can. Make sure you have a phone with Internet access, your email, your files, and your social media platforms. Potential clients expect answers within seconds; do everything you can to provide that initial service. If you have to wait to get back to your office or computer hours later to answer a question about a booking, the interested party will have gone elsewhere. I guarantee it. Let your expert flag fly: Start a blog and write something every week or so. It doesn’t have to be long and involved. Just write about what you know, which should be making an event exciting. Share your expertise on the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a mobile DJ. Don’t worry about the competition stealing ideas. First, they are going to do it anyway. Second, you become the expert because you are the one writing the posts. Link it to your website, share your posts on social media. Get some content out there so people can find you!

These are just a few ideas you should be incorporating into your marketing efforts every single day. We were social long before social media. Get out, talk to people, form relationships, and never forget the old show business saying:

“It’s not what you know but who you know!”

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