Study Entertainment Part 2

March 27, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

This week we continue with Study Entertainment Part 2 – The Performer’s Mindset

Going to a show for me isn’t always just for enjoyment.  It’s for research.  It’s to understand how the performer tells the story.  More specifically, how do they transition from moment to moment.  What’s the energy level?  How are they ebb and flowing with the audience?  What I’ve realized is that it’s more about the engagement with the audience and being real.  Every performance you witness will give you insights into the storytelling, energy, missed opportunities and the personalities of the performers that you see.  Some are humble, some have egos out of control, but there will always be a lesson.

When the performer gives a peek behind the curtain, it’s WAY more entertaining to the audience than just the same old same old show that they did in the town before you and will do in the next few cities after you.  For example, I recently saw the rock band Poison perform live.   Their lead singer Bret Michaels told the story of the fact that they actually recorded the video for their song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” at Brown County Arena in Green Bay Wisconsin. The missed opportunity was that they didn’t show the video that was filmed in Green Bay behind them on their big screen.  However, they tied their performance city into their performance that night with something nostalgic for the concert goers.  

What storytelling options do you have at your events?  What missed opportunities might exist for you?  Find out what other opportunities may exist for you out of a certain moment. Bringing energy to your events now may look quite different to what it looked like back in the 90s for example.  Energy can be giving others an opportunity to shine.  You don’t have to be in the spotlight.  Sometimes, you can just be the conduit for ensuring a moment happens and creating the memory.  

Take the time to study any professional entertainment that you come into contact with.  Always be a student.  Discover personal growth through professional performances and self examination of how to take your business to the next level.  


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