Strive for continual, incremental improvement

January 6, 2010 by Andy Ebon

Wedding Business Building Tip #2Ten Business Building  Strategies To Start The New Year: Tip #2

Nothing covers up bad decisions like a good economy. When sales are plentiful, profits will always cover any poor judgment. The same poor decisions will bury you in a tough economy or more competitive environment.

It’s easy to rationalize one’s own situation when your competitor is struggling. You begin to believe that your performance may just be part of a larger trend.

We complain about ‘price competition’ eroding mark ups.

The Net Effect: We make failure too easy to accept. Do not justify weak performance. Do not allow your business or employees to be comfortable with the status quo.

It’s all hands on deck for quality control, process improvement, and person-to-person public relations. That means everybody.

incremental gainsMake incremental improvement a cornerstone element of your business culture and wedding marketing plan for the coming year. Preach it, coach it, and get everyone’s buy in. Acknowledge exceptional effort, problem solving, and taking initiative.

Excellence will not be accomplished every time, but with the appropriate individual and team results, you won’t have to demand results. The results will be there.

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