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Below you will find many books and other products published by Mobile Beat specifically for disc jockeys.  Either order online here or by calling 800-257-7635 ext ZERO.

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Wedding Specific:

Wedding DJ Book Cover $25 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

Tips To Improve Your Wedding DJ Business: Wedding Marketing For Djs (previously published as Running A Successful Wedding DJ Business) – John Beck & Derek Pengelly – John and Derek show you how specializing as a wedding DJ and performing beyond your customers’ expectations can be lucrative and rewarding. Brides and grooms want more than a guy who is going to wheel in speakers and play one song after another and they are willing to pay more for it. There have never been so many opportunities to set yourself a part and succeed as a wedding DJ Specialist as there are right now and John and Derek give you more ideas in this one book than you could execute in your career. John and Derek cover valuable insights on marketing, sales and the basics of operating a successful business like contracts and deposits. Learn how to handle phone calls and overcome price objections. Get insights on the traditions and formalities of wedding receptions along with new ideas for activities that will “wow” guests and clients alike. This kind of expertise gives the Wedding DJ Specialist value. Then the resources on developing your skill and talent are probably the most valuable since any idea can succeed marvelously or fail dismally depending on how it was executed. Plus there is the list of “add on” services that you can easily include to make an even more profitable business. So whether your starting out or been in the DJ business a long time, this book will “change the game”!


WeddingMasterMC $15 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

The Wedding Master MC by Ken Day – Ken Day is the owner of Ken Day Enterprises / Movin Tunes in San Diego, CA and has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years in conjunction with a very successful 20 year military career.  This book is his gift to the industry of his skills on being a “Master Wedding MC”

wedding-toasts-me-200 $10 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

Wedding Toasts Made Easy by Tom Haibeck – A regular presenter at DJ industry shows Tom Haibeck is an award winning speaker and public relations expert.   Over the past 25 years he has provided speaker-training and speechwriting services to many including DJs.  This is his book that all DJs can learn from.


WeddingHorror$10 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

After 20 years in the wedding business, Los Angeles DJ Tony Barthel took the most memorable stories from a career and asked a few friends for theirs and put them in between covers of this book.  Some of these stores have hilarious consequences, but others are just shocking.  Either way, for anyone who has ever been to a wedding or is planning one, this is the perfect read.