Below you will find many books and other products published by Mobile Beat specifically for disc jockeys.  Either order online here or by calling 800-257-7635 ext ZERO.

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Voice Personality: Taking you to a Higher Level – Digital Download – $30 (7 Mp3’s and a PDF)

10 Minute Trainer Series – The revolutionary time-saving approach for improving your speaking voice.

The MUST HAVE for: Radio, Club or Mobile DJs, Musicians, Singers, Comedians, Actors…. ALL Entertainers featuring award winning DJ: Matt Martindale

“The 10 Minute Trainer is a powerful tool carefully designed to enhance voice performance through proper articulation, intonation and inflection for anyone in entertainment.  Having used the 10 Minute Trainer extensively I believe that EVERY DJ, Musician, Singer, Comedian, Actor or Entertainer should get this…then practice.  It’ll improve your performance and get you to the next level guaranteed!” – Matt Martindale

Put Personality into your voice in just 10 minutes a day!

First impressions are critical, whether meeting a client or speaking to a group.  Don’t let your first vocal impressions be less than best.  Dress your words in a voice that has personality with crisp articulation, rich intonation and captivating inflection.

Benefits of good voice personality

  • Captures and keeps interest
  • Calls attention to your message
  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Gives you greater confidence

Valuable features of the “10 Minute Trainer Series”

  • Fun
  • Convenient
  • Results Oriented