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Below you will find many books and other products published by Mobile Beat specifically for disc jockeys.  Either order online here or by calling 800-257-7635 ext ZERO.

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increaselarge  $15 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal
Increase Your Mobile DJ Business by 30% by Bob Popyk
– is it really possible to increase your mobile DJ business by 30% as soon as next month?  This past keynote speaker at the Mobile Beat DJ Shows and Conferences can help you do that.  Inside you’ll find advice on finding new customers, handling customer objections, getting the most out of consumer events, effectively following up leads, building repeat business and more.  But knowing what you do is one thing.  Wanting to do it is another.  The ideas are here.  The rest is up to you.

Guerrilla Marketing  by Jay Levinson – $10 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal
The book that started the guerrilla marketing revolution back in 1983 and has been expanded and completely updated.  A great book in companion with “Guerrilla Marketing For Djs”

GuerillaDJ $15 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal
Guerrilla Marketing For DJs by Jay Levinson and Andy Powell
– Based on the 4th edition of Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing series, Andy “Cubbie” Powell has collaborated with ProDJ Publishing and Guerrilla Marketing International  and created  a companion to the best selling Guerrilla Marketing book by Jay Conrad Levinson.  A great book in companion with “Guerrilla Marketing”

businessofmobiledjing $10 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal
The Business of Mobile DJing by Rob Peters
– For over 20 years, Rob Peters has been entertaining at events of all styles and sizes throughout the Northeast and operating several successful mobile DJ business ventures.  In this book, Rob uncovers the secrets to running a successful mobile DJ business.

Spinnin2000 $10 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal
Spinnin 2000 by Robert Lindquist – A classic book that still has a lot to teach new DJs.  This is the book that launched Mobile Beat.  It has gone through several revisions and can be yours to help you start and profit with your own Mobile Entertainment DJ Service.

CompleteDJ  $15 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal
The Complete Disc Jockey by Stu Chisholm
– Stu Chisholm began his mobile DJ career back in 1979 and is still operating today.  Over the years, Stu has worked in many facets of the DJ industry including radio, nightclubs, raves, ice and roller rinks, as well as doing commercial voice-over work.  This is his book which is a comprehensive manual for the professional DJ.