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March 26, 2013 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Get this . . .

I was interviewing another high paid DJ last night who is charging $1750 a night. Oh, and he’s already booking gigs in 2014.

I asked him these 3 simple questions:

1) How he did it (how he got to where he is now)
2) How he does it (how he handles the success he gets)
3) How he keeps doing it (how he continues being successful)

At the end of our conversation, he summed up all 3 questions with this answer:

How I conduct my business

Listen, you’re not an amateur.

I know your not.

But are you acting like one?

There’s an important (often ignored) concept that you absolutely need to know and know well to become an even more successful DJ. And that concept is this…


You see, your biggest opportunity for achieving more success and satisfaction as a DJ can be found in how you run your business. Your knowledge of business and your knowledge of marketing are the most powerful tools you’ve got for becoming more successful and making more money. Tools available to anyone smart enough to look for them. And the coolest thing about it is that by becoming better at these things, you can actually experience the biggest results in the shortest period of time. Awesome.

So I’m Going To Give You 3 Ways For Building A Better Dj Business.

Here they are:

1. Cut down your response time

Ask anyone who has ever hired a DJ and they will tell you it can be a major pain in the ass. Why? Most DJs aren’t professional.

People will decide whether or not to book you based on how reliable they think you are, plain and simple. And reliability is the mark of a professional DJ. So cutting down on your response time you is one of the easiest and most effective ways of becoming more professional and booking for gigs.

Make sure you have a separate email address setup for JUST your business (i.e. NOT gmail) and connect that account to your cell phone.

Then make sure you’ve got push notifications set to ON and if you’re using an iphone make sure to delete the “sent from my iphone” thing that is automatically added to the bottom of all your emails. Just BEING professional isn’t enough, you have to look it too.

2. Use a TESTED PROCESS for marketing yourself

When I ask most DJs about their process for marketing themselves and getting gigs, the answer is usually the same: “I don’t have one”. This is a mistake.

It is also the biggest difference between someone who DJs as a hobby and someone who DJs as a professional. What’s your process? You probably already have one without even realizing it.

When people consider booking you, if they can clearly see that you have a certain way of doing things, they will trust you more.

And when people trust you more they will give you their money to DJ for them faster and more frequently. So use a process for marketing yourself and use a tested one. The fundamentals of DJ marketing don’t change. So watch and learn from other successful DJs and model what they do.

3. Expand Your Professional Network

I am always surprised by how many DJs fail to recognize how important networking truly is. Ask any highly successful DJ and they will always tell you that having good connections with other industry people – especially other DJs – is absolutely essential. DJing is a solo sport, and this makes it easy to forget that there are a lot of other people you need the support of in order to succeed.

The good news is that the DJ community is made up of awesome music-loving people that are generally cool and friendly. So start reaching out MORE.

When I was 17 I snuck my way into the biggest 18+ night club in San Francisco. Once I got in I went up to the DJ booth and asked the DJ (Leslie Perez) if I could just watch him. He was (and still is) on the radio everyday and booked solid every weekend. I came back the next week and did the same thing, and the next week, and the next week. A year later I became the resident DJ at that same club.

By being connected to professionals, you become more professional just by association. And not only that, but expanding your professional network is one of the easiest and best ways to get more dj gigs.

And more gigs = more money…

And more money = more DJ success.

So, that’s it for today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this one.
I’ve definitely enjoyed writing it for you

Leave me a comment below with YOUR thoughts.



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