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June 12, 2017 by Mobile Beat

El Granada, Calif., June 9, 2017 — Great ideas show up on Kickstarter all the time but few of them ever go anywhere (as many a frustrated contributor can attest). One notable exception is StompLight®, the world first fully self-contained sound-responsive stage lighting effect pedal now with the addition of DMX512 protocol. The company has fulfilled its Kickstarter promises, added Dealers and is now selling directly to consumers online, much to the delight of its supporters — and the irritation of its competitors.

For any soloist, band, or mobile DJ that’s ever wished they had their own lighting director, StompLight’s simple solution has appeared like a dream come true. The patented device creates an array of lighting effects in the familiar, easy-to-use form factor of an effect pedal. Excitement around the device has been building up online and at trade shows over the last two-and-a-half years as the inventor, musician Michael John Ahern, has crisscrossed America demonstrating the prototype.

“From the very beginning, the response to StompLight has been passionate,” says Ahern. “People were so excited to have one; they were willing to place orders more than a year in advance. It feels great to fulfill orders and to now have StompLight in the hands of performers around the world. We recently added a testimonial page to our website and the feedback has been phenomenal.”

StompLight will be demonstrating its products next month at Summer NAMM booth 1700. The company recently signed a distribution agreement in the U.K. and is looking at additional distribution opportunities in North America and abroad.

“Over the past two years we have had consistent interest from distributors and major online retailers but we were not ready. That’s changed,” says Ahern. “It’s really going to be fun to see where it goes from here.”

About StompLight®   Stage Lighting Made Simple

StompLight is the ultimate stage lighting hack. The StompLight Power Bank enables performers to rehearse or perform anywhere with or without AC power. The StompLight® DMX Pro effect pedal is simple to use and its companion products, the StompLight Li Ion Power Bank and StompLight Pal slave allow an artist to create stage lighting anywhere in seconds. Portable and built to last, StompLight is the world’s first effect pedal that is DMX512 compatible. Designed to work as either a stand-alone lighting solution or in concert quickly connecting with the StompLight® Pal or any existing DMX512 lighting products. Learn more at:

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