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December 17, 2008 by Mobile Beat

LOS ANGELES – Now, even small-scale entertainers and clubs can bring their stage lighting up to “par” with exciting color-mixing LED technology. American DJ has introduced the 38 LED Pro, a compact and affordable par can powered by 75 ultra bright 10 mm red, green and blue LEDs.

Ideal for DJs, musicians, productions and other stage lighting users with limited spatial requirements, the 38 LED Pro may be small but it’s loaded with true professional features, including full DMX control and RGB color mixing. Its 75 LEDs (15 red, 30 green, 30 blue) combine to create super smooth palettes of rich color that can be custom-mixed via DMX or accessed through the 38 LED Pro’s own built-in programs. Other onboard features, such as selectable fast or slow color change operation and full 0-100% electronic dimming, give users the tools to light up any performance environment.

“The 38 LED Pro is the newest — and smallest — addition to our innovative ‘Pro Series’ of professional LED par cans,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It’s the perfect stage lighting solution for working DJs, musicians, and smaller productions and clubs who want to create brilliant colors and enjoy all the other benefits of LED technology, yet don’t have big spaces or budgets to work with. It’s DMX compatible, but you can also use it without a controller because it’s got lots of built-in features and programs, so it’s very easy for even lighting novices to operate.”

With 7 different operating modes, the 38 LED Pro offers the ultimate in user control. In Color Mode, you can choose a desired color to remain static. In Color Change Mode, the 38 LED Pro will scroll throughout the different available colors, and in Color Fade Mode the colors will fade in and out. In Auto Mode, the fixture will run both color changes and color fades according to its own built-in-programs. The 38 LED Pro will react to the music in Sound Active Mode, changing and fading through different colors. Master Slave Mode allows you to link multiple units together, with one unit acting as the controlling unit.

In DMX Mode, you have a choice of 3 configurations: 3-channel, 6-channel and 7-channel. Operating through a DMX controller gives the user freedom to create their own customized colors and programs tailored to their individual needs.

A user-friendly 3-digit LED display located on the rear panel of the unit makes it easy to operate in any mode by providing easy access to 38 LED Pro’s different programs, including cool Slow Color Fades and a stunning Color Strobe effect. Another major feature is LED Sync, which automatically syncs up the operational modes of multiple American DJ products sharing this same feature when they’re linked together via 3-pin XLR cables.

In addition to smooth RBG color mixing, the 38 LED Pro offers the many user benefits of LED lighting. The fixture emits very little heat on stage, making it ideal for live productions where performers need to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. The 38 LED Pro is also extremely efficient and economical, as it consumes very little power compared to traditional par cans. With a low power consumption rating of just 9W, the unit will save par can users big bucks on their electric bills. It’s also very low-maintenance, because its long-life LEDs, rated at 100,000 hours, will last for years before they ever need replacing.

The 38 LED Pro is flexible enough to be used as a spotlight or an uplight. A convenient dual bracket system allows for versatile mounting options. The unit can be hung securely or set squarely on the ground.

Measuring 8.5″L x 7.25″W x 8.5″H, the 38 LED Pro par can weighs only 3 lbs. Featuring a slick exterior finish, the compact and portable unit is available in two different casings, black (38B LED Pro) and high-polish silver (38P LED Pro), to blend in with virtually any stage set or decor.

The MSRP of the 38 LED Pro is $149.95.

Click on link below to see the 38 LED Pro in action!

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