State of the DJ Industry

May 2, 2017 by Matt Martindale

Mobile Beat is proud to present the first annual “State of the DJ Industry” survey results, with questions and data compiled, analyzed and scribed by marketing guru, in-house economics nerd, and Mobile Beat presenter, Matt Martindale.

What follows is just taste of the data that came from 1,291 completed surveys—a healthy sample size. IF you completed the full DJ survey and included your email address as requested, you will already be receiving via email, a free copy. If you didn’t do the survey but would also like to see the full 11-page report, simply log into your Mobile Beat account at In the full report, you will:

  • Learn what states had the largest revenue increases and decreases in 2016 and a few notable trends.
  • Dig into the real numbers…part time vs full time and the money involved. There are several shocking revelations.
  • Review the list of 7 side-by-side offerings between single operators and multi-system operators.
  • Learn the 3 most common service offerings that single operators want to add in 2017.
  • Learn the 3 most common service offerings that multi- system operators want to add in 2017.
  • Look at appointment and cancellations trends.
  • Find where “time in the DJ business” correlates with a single operator and multi-system operator cross-over.
  • Learn when clients actually do book events including weddings, mitzvahs, school/youth, corporate and weekly events.

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