Start.ProDJ.Com Remodeled – MobileBeat.Com Expands Features!

August 28, 2008 by Mobile Beat

The industry-leading DJ web portal, Start.ProDJ.Com, has received the third major remodeling in its long history. Underneath its slick new look, a conversion to an entirely new platform for the site means tons of additional customizability and expanded tie-ins with other portions of the ProDJ.Com network. A new live chat system has been integrated into the site, making the heart of the ProDJ community beat even more efficiently.

The look is a variation on the makeover that MobileBeat.Com received earlier in the summer, designed to pull the feel of the sites closer together.

“Ever since the purchase of Mobile Beat by ProDJ Publishing, we have wanted to tie the two sites more closely together, and this is what it finally needed,” explains Ryan Burger, owner/publisher of the ProDJ Publishing network. “The vibe from the ProDJ community is 99% positive. if not 100%. And the community is what drives this site!” has received several new features, including Share This links that allow you to tie what you see at MobileBeat.Com to sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Digg, and a variety of other bookmark and social networking services. An exciting extension of the newsfeed idea is now available for busy DJs. All articles on can now be downloaded and read to you. Perfect for listening when doing other things, driving to gigs or just casually web surfing.

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