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January 15, 2013 by Tyrone Blue

With this 12 fixture controller, you have a total of 192 (out of the possible 512) channels. The picture (Fig. 1) shows you the layout of the 12 fixture buttons, each with 16 channels. By drawing it this way, I hope to give you a better way to perceive how this all comes into play.

So, to start, look at the top left box where all the red and black arrows point to. This represents “Scanner/Fixture” button one with 16 smaller boxes, representing each of the 16 channels.

The black arrows are for sliders 1-8 when you have “page 1” selected, and red for sliders 9-16 when you have page 2 selected.

Your fixture (LED Spot 150) will only use 6 of the channels (boxes) on button #1. If you would number each of the boxes, it will give you a better perspective of the 12 boxes… 1 through 192.

Keep in mind that if you have more than one fixture/scanner button selected, you will change the parameters in each of the fixtures for which you have the buttons pushed.

Therefore, if you have four Spot 150s hooked to this controller, and you pushed the first four fixture/scanner buttons, each moving head would do exactly the same thing with the first 6 sliders (assuming you have addressed them conventionally – one with each fixture/scanner button). The beauty of using DMX, is to have them do different things, so when programming, only select the fixture you want to do something specific, then select another fixture to do something else. You will notice that the first fixture stays where you left it. This is how you create a “show”.

Let’s assume you have each of your four moving heads in your desired location, color and gobo. Now, you can enter them all into your first “scene”.

I’ll explain this in a little more detail in the next series… along with “cheating”.

– Stay tuned –

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