Starting your DMX experience – 10th in a series by Tyrone Blue

February 2, 2013 by Tyrone Blue

In this series, we’ll look at setting up a show with 8 scenes, using 4 moving head fixtures. Whatever fixtures you actually have, will set up the same way, but you may be using different channels (depending on your fixture) to create your show. Set up your fixtures next to each other, assigning each to a separate button on the left of the controller. Fixture one set at “1”, fixture two at “17” fixture three at “33” and fixture four at “49”. This way, each button will be set for each of the four fixtures. Keep in mind that you will only be using the first 6 sliders for this fixture.

Starting with fixture one… push only “fixture/scanner” button “1” to activate only the first fixture.

Let’s place the first moving head to a spot on the wall, with a red pinwheel gobo (2nd one on your gobo wheel of the LED Spot 150).

To do this, activate only button “1”, and set each of the six sliders to achieve this look. Turn “off” button “1”, and activate button “2”.

Notice that the red pinwheel remains where it was. With fixture two, let’s put a green round spot next to the red pinwheel. Simply move the 6 sliders until you have achieved this.

In order to complete the first “scene”, you will need to place the 3rd and 4th moving head the same way. You will now begin to realize how long this procedure takes while you are learning. Once you have it mastered, it will take you a minute or two to set all four fixtures.

So, let’s program all four fixtures and enter them into the first scene on bank “1”. Make sure you have bank “1”, in the window (if not, push the “up” or “down” buttons to get there).

Now that you have all four heads the way you want, we’ll “REC” (record) then into bank “1” scene “1”. First push the “rec” button (black ones on the right running up and down). Then, push scene “1” button up on the

top (black buttons running right and left). You will notice every LED on the panel will “flash”. This tells you that you’ve recorded the scene. Now repeat all of the above steps, selecting each of the four heads, and use the sliders to get a different look.

Record scene “2”, then repeat for scene “3”, and so on. You can go back to any of the scenes to review them by simply pushing the scene button you want to look at.

NOTE: keep track of what scene you are working on… I’ve actually recorded over a scene due to not paying attention. Once you record over a scene, it’s gone!

One cool thing to remember… you can select a scene, and re-record it on a different button, then simply change one parameter, instead of all 6. Try experimenting by pushing more than one of the “Fixture/Scanner” buttons and see what happens to the fixtures. Yuup, you’re programming! Try putting all of your fixtures on one spot on the wall, each with a red pinwheel. Blend them together, and record it. Then move them apart and record that. This is how you make a show move at your venue. – Stay Tuned –


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