Start. Stop. Continue.

May 23, 2017 by Mitch Taylor

Start.  Stop.  Continue.  Mitch Taylor Taylored SalesIt’s been said there are 1440 choices in a day, which correlates to how many minutes are in a day.  You don’t have to wait for the next day, the next week, the first of next month to make a change and make a difference.  Start with that next minute out of 1440 in the day.  Take stock of where you are in life and decide three things.  What am I going to start?  What am I going to stop?  What am I going to continue?  Write them down.  Put them on a mirror in your bathroom so it is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to bed.  


I’ll share first.  One thing I’m going to start is if it takes more than three text messages back and forth, I’m picking up the phone and calling the person I am communicating with. The written word is so misconstrued sometimes and that’s not what we want our communication to be with anyone, especially if it’s someone you care about. This is vitally important especially if you can see your text communication is taking a downward spiral.  Engage them face to face, let them hear the tonality in your words and theirs to you so you can truly communicate.  


Stop is something I wish for our industry.  Stop quoting four hours of music.  If you are still doing that then you are part of the problem of our industry getting zero respect.  If you’re still doing that and that’s all that you do, you’re also part of the problem, in my opinion.  It’s important for us to represent ourselves and we need to fight that fight every single day.


The public perception is it’s $______ for four hours of music or six hours of music or whatever. The reality is you need to show that you are offering an outcome, a much different outcome than what they can get anywhere else. How are you showcasing the outcome? How are you showcasing what you can do for somebody else?  How are you putting your client days, months, years down the road with what you can do for them and what those memories might be? How they will be different?


Continue.  I’m going to continue to do my best, to make a difference. Writing articles here for Mobile Beat and continuing my #LiveAt755 video series.  I implore you to do to continue one thing that you currently do that makes you a better you.  Pick something, stick with it and move yourself forward.  


Take this minute right now, this one in 1440.  Decide what you are starting.  Commit to what you are stopping.  Continue that which propels yourself as an individual forward.     


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