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September 19, 2008 by Mobile Beat

HOLLYWOOD, FL – September 19, 2008 – Stanton DJ, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, introduces the DaScratch, the company’s newest addition to the SC System controller line. DaScratch is a USB-MIDI controller that combines fast response, easy customization, and a compact form factor to create an ideal instrument for any digital DJ looking for total control over their software. Small and portable, DaScratch makes a space-friendly addition to any existing DJ gear set-up or can stand on its own as a complete controller solution.
DaScratch marks the introduction of Stanton’s StanTouch® technology, which allows DJs to use traditional performance motions and gestures on a touch-pad style surface. “With SCS.3d, we stepped back from the playing field and created something unique using emerging touch technology,” states Jim Mazur, Stanton’s Director of Product Development. “DJs are constantly looking for new ways to interact with their music.  By studying their actions and creating a control surface analogy, we are able to bring some fresh ideas to fruition without being held back by traditional ways of interfacing with equipment.”
The StanTouch® interface is highly responsive to popular functions such as scratching, scrubbing, and navigating through digital audio files. In addition, tactile buttons, triggers, and virtual faders are able to control samples, pitch, effects, cue and loop points, and other mappable functions. Multiple finger touches can also prompt quick kills on EQ’s or transform effects on volume.
Another notable feature of the SCS.3d is the implementation of DaRouter® software. DaRouter allows customized support and control over most DJ, DAW, and audio applications. DaRouter also enables DaScratch to provide two-way user feedback by illuminating LEDs to indicate the status of buttons, triggers, virtual faders, and transport controls. A preset library is also available on the Stanton website that supports popular applications such as Traktor™, Traktor Scratch™, Ableton Live™, and Serato Scratch Live™. A complete list of supported current applications is available at
According to Timothy Dorwart, CEO of the Stanton Group, “DaScratch reflects our commitment to deliver products based on technology, innovation and differentiation. The flexibility and affordability of DaScratch will attract new users to digital DJing while at the same time providing professional DJ’s with a useful tool to augment their current rigs.”

For simple connectivity into any set-up or environment, DaScratch features USB connection, allowing easy plug and play connection to your software. The unit is class compliant with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX to ensure that drivers are never needed, and is bus powered by design to ensure that no external power or batteries need to be used.
Additionally, the DaScratch employs the Magnect® connection system, allowing multiple SCS.3d units to securely snap together magnetically, creating a larger control surface with increased performance options. MSRP: $299
Technical Details:
 5 Touch sensitive sliders (3 switchable via presets)
1 Touch sensitive continuous rotary control (switchable via preset)
4 Backlit (red, blue) buttons
10 Back lit (red, blue, purple) touch sensitive buttons
9 Backlit touch sensitive buttons (switchable via preset)
USB 1.1 and 2.0 class compliant MIDI controller
USB bus-powered*
System Requirements:    
Mac: Power PC G5 or multicore Intel® processor Mac OSX (v10.4 or later)
Windows: PC running Windows XP or Vista
Dimensions (H x W x D): 8.52 in x 4.72 in x 1.38 in    216.5 mm x 120 mm x 35.25 mm
Shipping Weight: 2.64 lbs (1.2 Kg)
*USB hub / port must meet USB power specification
Package includes: DaScratch® Unit, USB cable, and Quickstart guide
About Stanton Magnetics
Founded in 1946, Stanton Magnetics is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, Live Sound Reinforcement and install applications.  The company’s product range includes turntables, high-performance cartridges, CD players, DJ mixers, accessories, and FinalScratch—a breakthrough system that enables DJs to play, mix, and scratch music files from their computers using standard turntables. Most recently, the company has introduced the revolutionary SC System controller line, featuring complete control solutions for the digital DJ. With over 50 years of innovation, Stanton is the name DJs trust. For additional information, visit the company online at

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