Stacking The Deck

May 16, 2017 by Dave Ternier

I do something special — after the event — with weddings that STAND OUT for me. You know the ones… you connected really well with every wedding party member… the guests were off-the-charts fun… the parents of the couple were gracious and awesome… the bride and groom were your *perfect* clients… you know the ones… those events where everything you touch turns to GOLD. When those events come around, here’s what I do:


The parents, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, everyone who shared a toast or speech… they all get individual, personally written emails from me after the wedding. The emails vary in content, depending on the recipient of course, but they all share two common themes.

First and most importantly, I thank them, graciously, for being so incredible to work with (“with”, not “for”). Why? Because, I am truly grateful that they were awesome (obviously). I also complement them sincerely on the great job they did (“amazing speech” or “thanks for being a great bridesmaid and party starter” or whatever is most appropriate). I recognize and appreciate what they contributed to the event.

Secondly, I express that I sincerely hope they had a great time. That I hope they have as many great memories from the night as I do.

To compose these emails (all individually sent and personalized unique to the event — no two are the same) takes time and attention to detail. But I am continually trying to stack the deck in favour of working with clients that inspire me and that I love to work with. This is one of the ways I do that.

If you don’t get email addresses for all the wedding party members, just send them a quick message through Facebook as I’ve done a couple of times in the past.

So go ahead, stack the deck in favour of odds that will put you in front of a crowd you know you’ll enjoy and a crowd that gives your work the love and respect it deserves.

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