Spring Hits

March 26, 2007 by Steve Sharp

Spring hits!

Maroon 5 “Makes Me Wonder” – The long-awaited follow-up to their breakthrough 2002 set “Songs About Jane” album is coming soon. Wow, was it really that long ago? It doesn’t seem like five years, partially because “Songs About Jane” didn’t “critical mass” with the general public until almost 2 years later. This release continues with the rhythmic pop which made the band connect with a large fan base in the first place. “Makes Me Wonder” is another heartbreak song, cleverly disguided by happy music, this time reminiscent of the Earth, Wind & Fire rhythm section. I expect this song to perform very well, and to age well, since the lyrical hook of the song isn’t battered into your head. Instead, it’s a little more clever. Indeed, the reason I like Maroon 5 in the first place is that while they’re unabashedly “pop”, there just a little more clever.

Linkin Park “What I’ve Done” – Speaking of long-awaited, Linkin Park is back with a new single, just before press time. LP is a group of very talented individuals, who together are better than the sum of their individual parts. While this song isn’t bad, and will likely do well, it’s missing some signature elements we’ve come to expect from this band. I’m told they are “progressing” out of the rap-rock hybrid that they helped create and define, which is fine. But on this well-written single, all the vocals are from Chester Bennington. Where is Mike Shinoda? To me this would be like having a new single from the Ying Yang Twins, and there was only one of the twins actually on it (and no, they’re not actually named Ying and Yang). Or, if you can’t relate to that analogy, try this one: if it’s Mick Jagger singing, but Keith Richards isn’t playing guitar on it, is it The Rolling Stones? I’m all for expanding the scope of what you do as a band, especially one as talented as Linkin Park, but this single doesn’t hit me as hard as I thought it would, at least on initial impression.

Rihanna with Jay-Z “Umbrella” – Not to harp on it, but I find it a shame that Jay-Z sounds better as a guest on this track, than anything I’ve heard from his own “comeback” album. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how well Rihanna has done in her career, thus far. And most of her hits have all sounded unique, too – which bodes well for her career. “Umbrella” is considerably funkier than the “Tainted Love” of her previous hit “S.O.S. (Rescue Me)”, with hard-hitting, rock hard live (sounding, at least) drums, and sinewy synths more often used as “blips” in hip-hop songs, versus for melody, as they’re used here. After Jay’s strong starting, Rihanna’s vocals stand up to the strong track that’s almost rock & roll, with r&b singing, yet with a stacatto rock & roll attitude. Original and very strong.

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