Spring Cleaning

April 30, 2017 by Dayna Solomon

I admit, there had been a part of me that was secretly hoping for a slower month of events and less travel.  I know this sounds odd to some because after all, don’t we all want to see our months full and the more we book the happier we are?  I whole heartedly agree with this mentality.  I am truly grateful for the growth of my business and the full months of DJ gigs I’ve had.  Nothing is more liberating then seeing the results of consistent hustle and turning those dreams into a reality! I even wrote a blog on my website about what a crazy full exciting year 2016 was!

However, towards the end of last year, I began to feel unsettled and unbalanced in certain parts of my life.  I was riding a super fun rollercoaster, but the thrill was fading and I couldn’t pinpoint why.  I came to the realization that I was experiencing  a “burn out.”  I was getting tired of seeing my “to do” lists get longer and longer and not being able to fit in certain things no matter how hard I tried to figure out a solution.  I saw things in myself that signaled to me it was time to slow down, reset and recharge my mind, and also organize some areas in my personal life and business.  I didn’t feel I needed a vacation per se,  I just wanted a slower month of DJ gigs and no traveling, so I could utilize those extra hours to my advantage and work on what I felt I had been neglecting in order to better myself and see even greater results.  In April, my secret hope had been granted to me as it was in fact “slower” than it had been in long time and I had no travel plans.

On one hand, I felt a relief, on the other hand, it felt weird to have a couple weekends completely off….like really weird. In the midst of the excitement that I was going to have all this extra time, there were the negative thoughts that circled in my “monkey mind”.  But I should be busy. Why do I have a slow month? Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal? Maybe it’s because I haven’t been networking enough?  I was literally tormenting myself on why I’m not booked on more gigs because I see DJ A rockin all these amazing gigs, and DJ B is killin it this month!  I started to feel almost embarrassed for having a slower month and analyzing every single reason why this may be.

I finally took control of my silly brain and said STOP IT! After listening to an inspiring sermon and to a couple of podcasts that seemed to be speaking to me directly, as well as, having a nice lil heart to heart with a good friend and mentor; I sat down and listed all of the reasons why this is a POSITIVE thing. I made the decision to embrace it and make it an uber productive spring cleaning month!  30 days later, here I am writing this and man, it feels faaaantastic  that I crossed off multiple tasks on those overwhelming lists of personal and business “to dos”!  I did things like, shopping to finally work on finishing furnishing my new place that I moved into 7 months ago.  I attended a networking event and met some really great people.  I met a new friend for coffee.  I worked in depth on my 2017 goal list and broke it down into short term and long term goals.  Had a photoshoot. I even attended an event and danced to another DJ’s beats, which was so fun!  I stayed in with a glass of wine, popcorn, and watched a movie on a Saturday night like non-DJ people do on weekends.  I organized and cleaned out my DJ equipment.  I spent some quality time with my family and was able to attend my nephew’s 2nd birthday party!

This past month taught me it’s OK not to always have a crazy busy month and we all can benefit from “spring cleaning” periods of time in life.  Our swirling minds and bodies need rest from time to time and not just on vacation.  Quiet time is perfect for reflection, decluttering, simplifying, organizing, and recharging.  We all need this.  I am learning that we all aren’t programmed to live a New Yorker pace 24/7…that’s definitely not me.  But it’s so hard not to succumb to this go go gadget world.  Once we discover what type of lifestyle fits us and welcome it with open arms, success and work/life balance is easily obtainable.  These slower periods of time are prime opportunities to lift the boulders off your shoulders in order to allow clarity, new growth, and pump your blood with fresh fuel to keep the hustle alive and your sparkle shining bright.

out of clutter, find simplicity. – Albert Einstein

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Dayna Solomon is a DJ + MC based in Columbus, Ohio and travels nationally, adding shine and good vibes with her music mixology for over 15 years! Her natural talent to entertain has allowed her to work for some incredible companies and individuals in the corporate, cruise ship, nightlife, and fashion worlds, as well as providing a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience at weddings. When she’s not behind the decks or on the mic, Dayna loves to crush it at the gym, dance, and drink americanos…but not simultaneously.

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